Fresh Peaches

As many of our customers may already know, South Carolina and Georgia's 2017 peach crops were hit hard by the late winter freeze in March.  Most growers in both states are looking at a harvest of well below 50% of previous years.  At McLeod Farms, we were very agresssive in our efforts to save our crop (running wind machines and burning hay bales for the better part of 3 weeks during the late winter freeze).  Because of this, we may have fared better than some of the other growers.  

However, our early ripening varieties did get hit very hard.  At this time, it appears that any peach shipments may not take place until July and we could possibly have to limit shipments to single layers only in order to provide peaches for all of our loyal customers.  

We are still assessing our crop situation to determine feasible harvest and shipment schedules.  We ask for your patience as we sort through this.  For the time being, if you are interested in being placed on our email or phone list to get updated information on scheduling, availability, and pricing, please email Kay at with your contact information.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty!